Overt will play Alke in the ESEA Premier Season 39 Australia group stage match. We analyze the form of the teams and give a forecast. 


The guys from Overt started their performance at ESEA Premier Season 39 Australia disgustingly, losing in the first two matches without taking a single card. First, the LookingForOrg team acted as the offender, and then Paradox. By the way, these two teams occupy the first two places in Group A. And in the next three games Overt performed unmistakably, beating Dynasty (2-0), 8Ballers (2-0) and Kanga (2-1) alternately. 


If Overt started with defeats, and then corrected itself and began to win, then the arrows from Alke went the opposite way. In the first round, we managed to beat Lese (2-0), and after this success, a series of defeats began, which reached four matches and is still relevant. In the second round there was a defeat from 8Ballers (1-2), in the third from Dynasty (1-2), in the fourth from Paradox (1-2), and in the fifth nothing could be opposed by LookingForOrg (0-2). 


Overt was able to return to the winning path, and even stayed on it. In the upcoming meeting, the team will try to develop a successful series, and Alke is ideally suited for this.