In the next qualification meeting at the OI-2022, the national teams of Denmark and Russia will clash in a face-to-face fight. On whose side will the victory be? Our sports portal gives a forecast for this meeting.


The Danish national team did not bring the strongest squad to the tournament. It is worth noting that, like Russia, this team managed to play two meetings. It should be noted that both meetings with the participation of the Scandinavian national team ended with the same score 8:7. Only in the first case, the Danes outplayed the Turkish national team, and in the second game, the "red-whites" lost in the face-to-face confrontation to Germany (7:8). Denmark approaches the match with Russia in 6th place in the group.


The Russian national team goes with a 100% performance in the first games. It is worth noting that the "red machine" was able to win two matches with a crushing score. First, the Russian mixed duo managed to defeat Spain with a score of 9:2 in the face–to-face meeting, after which they inflicted a crushing defeat on Hungary - 9:3. It is obvious that the star Russian pair in the mixed category is the favorite of the group stage, and should beat the Danish team on one leg, which, in fact, did not show anything interesting in the first two meetings.


The Russian national team must defeat its opponent with a handicap. Bookmakers offer a very modest difference in the score, and we should certainly take advantage of these.