The second stage of the Biathlon World Cup starts on Thursday, which will again be held in Ostersund, Sweden. The first race of the second stage will be a women's 7.5 km sprint. We bring to your attention the forecast for its results.

At the opening stage of the World Cup, one of the hosts of the track, Swedish Hannah Eberg, managed to win the sprint. In general, almost the entire Swedish national team demonstrated impressive functional training here. In women, the Eberg sisters stand out especially, and the younger Elvira runs faster. She missed twice in the sprint last week. This time she decided to start at number one. It's a strange enough solution, but it might work. When the young biathlete will not be pressured by the results of competitors, it will be easier for her to cope with her nerves and work out cleaner at the frontiers. And Elvira's speed is now such that she can win even with one miss. And it's already the rivals after that will fuss and make mistakes.

Hannah Eberg should also be high enough in this race. It is possible that she will be able to climb the podium again. What can not be said about Tiril Eckhoff, whose shooting went wrong at the start of the new season, and she shows a non-reactive speed. We do not expect a serious breakthrough from the Russians, who, first of all, did not show themselves well a week ago in terms of pure speed, and there is a problem with discipline and organization – we forget the sticks, then we do not check the ski mounts, which is why we are late for the start, or the rifles do not shoot. But I really liked the Belarusians, especially Sola, who looks as ready for the season as possible. With this form, you can safely go to the Olympics right now – the main thing is not to burn out on shooting. In the Italian national team, again, psychological problems began to be observed in Vittozzi, who already from the first milestones begins to spoil the race for herself. Bookmakers offer a good coefficient for Norwegian Knotten against Vita Semerenko. The Ukrainians, like the Russians, did not approach the start of the season in the best conditions. In pursuit of a large coefficient, you can try to play for the fleet-footed Austrian Hauser, who not so rarely manages to pass sprints with good shooting results.