On Sunday, the short first stage of the Biathlon World Cup will end with two sprint races in Ostersund, Sweden. We bring to your attention the forecast for the men's sprint, which will take place later.

Saturday's men's individual race did not bring loud sensations, once again confirming that the hegemony of the Norwegian national team continues in men's biathlon. Predictably, the most stable Scandinavian shooter Legrade won the "individual", who this season will again try to unseat Johannes Boe from the throne. But if you look at the speed indicators, then the French and the Swedes came up with the best functional preparation for the start of the season, who are quite capable of competing for victory in the sprint.

It is impossible to single out a favorite in this race – a good dozen athletes can claim a gold medal here, and one can only guess who will shoot better. We will not risk betting on anyone, and we will turn only to options with duels.

In the confrontation of the Be brothers, we will bet on the younger Johannes, given that he did not give his best yesterday for the reason that he did not have a good shooting on the "lezhki". The elder fought at full speed on all 20 km, managing to run on the podium. In the confrontation between Jacquelin and Samuelsson, we lean towards the latter, because the Swede is a slightly more stable shooter, and the home walls should help him. The Frenchmen Destier and Claude looked great the day before. The more experienced Simon should be higher in the sprint. Does not inspire confidence in Logins after Saturday's failure. In recent seasons, he regularly smears a lot at the starting stages, so you can bet on Christiansen against him. I would like to expect a breakthrough from Latypov, but a lot of strength was left, both physical and moral, after turning into the wrong target when reaching the finish line. Leitner won a full minute from Eduard by sheer speed, and the Austrian should be higher in the sprint. It is also alarming for Eliseev, who barely reached the finish line in the 20-kilometer race the day before. Austrian veteran Eder even looked lighter. But I want to cheer for Daniil Serokhvostov, who clearly did not show his maximum in the "individual", and he should be fully involved in his crown discipline.