Finally, biathlon fans have waited for the new season! The first biathlon races will be held in Swedish Ostersund on the last weekend of November. According to the established tradition, the first will be long individual races, where penalty minutes are awarded for mistakes. We bring to your attention the forecast for the women's "individual", where the first set of medals will be played.

Of course, betting on the beginning of the season is always a very risky activity. This is especially true for individual races, where sensations often happen, including very loud ones. Therefore, it is impossible to bet large sums on these races in any case. Here it is desirable to increase the possible winnings not by the amount of the bet, but by a high coefficient. Bookmakers see the Eberg sisters as the favorites of the race. It would seem logical, because they perform on their native land. But if we take last season, then in none of the three races in Ostersund were the Swedes in the top 10, and Hannah and Elvira completely failed miserably. You can try to play Dorothea Wierer, who specializes in this discipline. But we will still risk playing for the victory of the current owner of the Big Crystal Globe, Tiril Eckhoff. The Norwegian has made impressive progress in shooting over the past two years. Last season, she had already knocked out 82.7% of her targets. With such stability, it is quite possible to take a swing even at success in the "individual", if progress continues by the current season.

Of the Russians, you can risk betting on Larisa Kuklina. Last season, her shooting went very seriously wrong, but at the same time in individual races she still shot with an accuracy of 93.3%. At the pre-season starts, Larisa showed that she had turned into a stable sniper again, and at the same time she looked good at pure speed. Why not take a swing at a flower ceremony with such a bouquet?

The leader after the first shooting may well be Denise Herrmann. Last season, she did not have a huge advantage over her rivals, but by the Olympic season, the German should again regain jet speed on the ski track. The first firing line when shooting lying down, she is able to go to zero - the misses will go further mainly on the "racks".

In duels, we will bet on the Wirer against Roiseland, given that in this discipline the Italian consistently shoots more than 10% more accurately than the Norwegian. It's hard to say how Vittozzi's psychology will be in the Olympic season, but so far the forecasts are pessimistic. It's time for the German Hettich to progress, who should beat the French veteran Beskon. In duels, you can play on Kaisheva, more precisely, Nigmatullin, in the fight against Jim - the Ukrainian is still more stable at the borders.