In the 5th match of the quarterfinal match of the Euroleague basketball playoffs, the players will come face to face «»Barcelona and Zenit. Will the Russian team be able to surprise its opponent?


The basketball players of "Barcelona" from the first rounds seized the lead in the Euroleague and did not give it to their pursuers until the end of the season. It is worth noting that the first participant of the "Final Four" had similar statistics, but in personal games looked worse. In the quarterfinals, Barca advanced to eighth-placed Zenit. The first game in Barcelona ended in favor of St. Petersburg. In the second meeting, the team of Sharunas Jasikevicius defeated the basketball players of Chavi Pascual only in overtime. The clubs moved to the northern capital with an equal score of 1:1.


In the summer, Chavi Pascual came to the St. Petersburg team, whose best years were spent just in Barcelona. With a famous mentor, the residents of St. Petersburg played a beautiful basketball game. The team immediately became a participant in the Euroleague playoffs, taking the eighth place. In the third match, the "blue-white-blue" could not keep the "blue-garnet". The opponents played quite modestly in terms of performance. With the final result of 70:78, Barca won. In the fourth meeting, the St. Petersburg team showed a decent game and won, transferring the opposition to the fifth match.

Statistics and figures:

  • The hosts are the favorites of the meeting;
  • The score in the series is 2: 2;
  • The last game ended with a score of 74: 61 in favor of the Catalans;
  • Zenit lost 2 out of 5 matches.


In the playoffs of different tournaments, the first team often loses a series to the eighth team. As it seems, now the residents of St. Petersburg are in a great mood and can swat their opponent, in fact, without noticing him.